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"Cheaper to Keep Her", the latest Theatre Production to Hit Atlanta, Opens to Rave Audience Reviews | Arts & Culture

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"Cheaper to Keep Her", the latest Theatre Production to Hit Atlanta, Opens to Rave Audience Reviews

Atlanta, GA--  Cheaper To Keep Her opened at the Atlanta Civic Center on November 4th to a nearly full house of spectators that came to see Brian McKnight and Vivica Fox put on a play filled with comedy, life lessons and music.  The production written by Je'Caryous Johnson will be in the Atlanta area only until November 6th, so make sure to find tickets online and enjoy the entertainment.

Using the tagline "He had it all...Until she took everything!", the playwright delves into the subject of love and relationships and the eventual consequences of choices we all make within a relationship.  In this case, a bad choice then leads to the need for revenge to kick in and the cycle of choices and consequences starts all over again, and you never know where revenge will lead to.   

In this production there is a great mixture of comedy, seriousness, spirituality and music that had the capacity crowd going back and forth between laughing and sighing.  The headliners did a great job acting and singing in this production with Vivica Fox who has years of acting in big movies and on stage and continues to perform in this stage play, and Grammy winner Brian McKnight who is somewhat new to acting but also continues to be a star and command attention, especially from the women when he breaks out in soulful song.  The other characters bring the comedy to the play and keep the crowd laughing, while saying the things that most people just think.

Theatre has been a growing medium within African American entertainment, but for some it still is not the preferred method of visual entertainment giving way to film and television. Yet, plays like this one with established actors and singers like Vivica Fox and Brian McKnight are progressively bringing more and more young and old African Americans into theatres across the nation making it a viable money maker for stage producers. 

Cheaper to Keep Herwill be playing at the Atlanta Civic Center until Saturday November 6th.