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Local College Park Youth Raises Funds for Cardiovascular Research at Morehouse School of Medicine

Atlanta, GA-- Chalyse Ford has big dreams of someday becoming a professional dancer. Just 12 years old, the College Park resident has already accomplished more than many adults.  A 7th grader at Hapeville Charter School, Chalyse Ford is a dancer, walker, and yes, a philanthropist.  Lately, she has focused a lot of time on walking for a good cause--to raise funds to support cardiovascular research at Morehouse School of Medicine.

A member of St. Stephen Missionary Baptist Church in East Point, Ga., Chalyse has organized a walk-a thon for cardiovascular research at her church for the past two years, contributing more than $1,500 to MSM to benefit the Institution’s Cardiovascular Research Institute, a nationally recognized center of research excellence in cardiovascular science.

Chalyse’s interest began when she learned a church member experienced symptoms of stroke. Fortunately, the member took quick action and today is doing well.

Forgotten History of Labor Day...Year 1881

Atlanta, GA-- In Atlanta, GA 1881 nearly 3000 black women laundry workers stage one of the largest and most effective strikes in the history of the south.

With the official end of slavery less than two decades before, thousands of black laundresses went on strike for higher wages, respect for their work and control over how their work was organized. In summer 1881, the laundresses took on Atlanta’s business and political establishment and gained so much support they threatened to call a general strike, which would have shut the city down.

According to the AFL-CIO, "In the end, the strike not only raised wages—it, more importantly, established laundresses—and all black women workers—as instrumental to the New South’s economy. "