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CRCT Investigation Report: Fickett Elementary School | Schools

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CRCT Investigation Report: Fickett Elementary School
CRCT Investigation Report: Fickett Elementary School

Fickett Elementary School
3935 Rux Road SW
Principal: Dr. Anthony Dorsey
Testing Coordinator: Angela Thomas
SRT-1 Executive Director: Dr. Sharon Davis-Williams

ATLANTA -- The Governor's Special Investigators who looked into allegations of CRCT cheating in Atlanta Public Schools determined that cheating occurred at Fickett Elementary in 2009.

More than 51 percent of classrooms were flagged for "wrong-to-right erasures" on the test, according to the report released Tuesday.

Two teachers confessed to cheating on the 2009 CRCT. Karen Wilbourn said that she and her proctor, Wanda Patterson, made answers keys so they could provide students with correct answers. (244) Charlene Martin told investigators that she used voice inflection when reading questions and answers, and would usually tell a student who got a wrong answer to "go back and check it."

Both teachers cited pressure from school administration, particularly principal Anthony Dorsey, as their reason for cheating.

When questioned by investigators, Dorsey initially said that he "did not feel pressure to make targets." He later clarified this statement and said that he was more concerned with student achievement than making targets, despite the emphasis that testing coordinator Angela Thomas put on "making the floor." (245)

Investigators concluded that Martin, Wilbourn and Patterson all cheated on the 2009 CRCT, and Dorsey did nothing to stop it. (246) He is still listed as Fickett Elementary's principal on the school website.

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