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CRCT Investigation Report: Grove Park Elementary School | Schools

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CRCT Investigation Report: Grove Park Elementary School
CRCT Investigation Report: Grove Park Elementary School

Grove Park Elementary School
20 Evelyn Way
Principal: Caitlyn Sims
Testing Coordinator: Derick Brown
SRT-4 Executive Director: Tamara Cotman

ATLANTA -- The investigation into CRCT cheating in Atlanta Public Schools concluded that more than 20 percent of the classrooms at Grove Park Elementary were flagged for "wrong-to-right erasures" on the 2009 test.

Principal Caitlyn Sims, who began working at Grove Park in 2009, told invesitgators that "instead of celebrating a school's accomplishments, APS constantly ranks and reminds schools of how 'low' they are and that they didn't meet the targets." (315) She described the system as "a house of cards" and claimed that SRT-4 director Tamara Cotman placed her on a Professional Development Plan because of the school's low test scores.

The report released Tuesday states that two Grove Park teachers cheated on the test. Allison Tollman said she promoted her students to erase and correct wrong answers, and Beverly Shanks said she would remind the class to check their work whenever she noticed that one of her students got an answer wrong.

Two more teachers, Pamela Lewis and Maya Moore, were flagged for wrong-to-right erasures, but both claimed that this alleged cheating was unintentional. (316)

According to the report, testing coordinator Derick Brown could not be located for an interview.

Investigators concluded that Sims was unaware of Tollman's and Shanks' cheating. (317) Sims is still the principal of Grove Park Elementary, according to the school's website.

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