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Photo Gallery | PHOTOS | O4W Wheat Street Urban Garden with Rashid Nuri

O4W -- photos by Marc Richardson

TLW offers a Community Supported Agriculture
(CSA) subscription- that is a group of individuals
or institutions who support a farm or garden by
agreeing to pay in advance for the produce
grown.  These supporters receive a share of the
produce as the season progresses.


CSA members can actually see the food being
grown, discuss the process with the growers,
volunteer their services, and have at their
disposal food that is fresh-picked, wholesome,
highly nutritious and above all, safe and

For our non CSA customers we now participate
in the SNAP Program.  Check this link for
information and eligibility.  

Spring Classes begin in March!

Our first class will provide participants with an overview of natural and
organic urban agricultural methods. Taught by Truly Living Well founder
and visionary, Rashid Nuri, his 40 years of experience will provide you with
extraordinary depth and insight into the nature and process of growing
food. This beginner's course will prepare you for successful gardening and
spring planting. Topics covered are as follows:

Soil Preparation
Soil Management
Crop Management
Multi-cropping and Plant Diversity
Companion Planting
Weed, Insect, Disease Control

Date:  Saturday, March 10
Time: 9:00 am – 12:00 noon
Location: Wheat Street Garden, 75 Hilliard St. NE, Atlanta 30312